August 7, 2018

Breastfeeding Week 2018 – Foundation of Life

Beginning of August marks the World Breastfeeding Week, with the slogan “Foundation of Life” emphasising that in a world filled with crisis and poverty, breastfeeding is a foundation for lifelong good health both for babies and mothers. This year, WBW aligned its campaign with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, promoting breastfeeding as a way to prevent malnutrition, ensure food security even in times of crisis and break the cycle of poverty.

Our dedicated maternity and women’s health staff are doing an amazing job every day at supporting mothers and babies during their delicate first days.

“We understand while breastfeeding is natural for the baby, sometimes mothers may need more support”, Natalie Mckell, Clinical Coordinator Domiciliary and Lactation at Northern Health said.

Four lactation consultants at Northern are helping mothers learn how to successfully breastfeed and maintain lactation even when they are separated from infants, for example when they are returning to work.

Through breastfeeding classes available both at the Northern Hospital and at the Craigieburn Health Service, mothers can get help during pregnancy, while in hospital and afterwards.