September 11, 2018

And the winner is…

Ladies and gentleman, we have the winners of our first Great Northern Bake Off!

Our award winners in each category have been announced, after our dedicated judges had the serious task of rewarding the ‘best of the best’.

Chief Legal Officer, Mr John Snowdon, said judging the bake off was an amazing experience – “the contestants had all gone to a huge amount of trouble to produce stunning results”.

“This was truly an occasion which brought the whole Northern Health family together!” he said.

Another of our esteemed judges, Emily Dawson, Director, Organisational Capability, said “I was so impressed with the quality of all of the entries – they were outstanding! The deciding factor was the quality, taste and effort that went into the winning cake, and the music took it to the next level”.

Our overall winners, the Anaesthesia Department, said their entry was a team effort led by Dr Michelle Chan.

“I expect the judges had a hard time deciding, and hope they are recovering from their sugar highs. It took Michelle and her team over five hours to create her multimedia presentation, but less than five minutes for our department to devour it”, said David Pescod, Deputy Director, Department Anaesthesia.

We present the awarded cakes in different categories and the overall winner below.

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all participants.

Check out some of our stunning entries in the video below!


Overall Winner: Department of Anaesthesia 


Winner: Relevant to Area – Unit I


  • Highly Commended: Neonatal Unit, Pathology



Equal Winners: Originality – O&G Medical / HRO & Quality



  • Highly Commended: Birth Suite




Winner: Appearance – Cardiac Cath Lab


  • Highly Commended: Pharmacy


Winner: Texture – EMH / NPU


  • Highly Commended: CDM


Winer: Taste – Nursing Workforce Unit 


  • Highly Commended: Division of Medicine


Winner: Colour – Outpatients 


  • Highly Commended: Children’s Unit


Winner: Technical Difficulty – Hand Therapy 


  • Highly Commended: HITH