September 5, 2018

Northern Physios, patients’ every day superheroes

Physiotherapists at Northern Health play a key role in helping people achieve their goals, fulfil their potential and participate fully in society.

We often see physiotherapists as a professionals who help with sport-related injuries and post-surgery recovery, however after a quick chat we’ve realised that helping women after giving birth is another important part of their work.

Catherine is one of Northern’s passionate physios, who works with women and helps them in the most sensitive period, focusing on providing advice on how to take care of their body.

“I do a lot of education around pelvic floor and recovery after birth, helping with issues like incontinence, which can have a huge impact on women’s everyday lives,” she says.

Even with women who have had a straightforward birth, physios still have a role of helping them get back to everyday activities in the first three months after the delivery. It is proven that exercise decreases the risk of post-natal depression and anxiety.

Seeing women in the wards, and even as outpatients, is a huge part of our physiotherapy service, especially with the increasing number of births at the hospital and the growth of the northern suburbs.

“We are getting busier and busier,” Catherine says.

The dedication of our physios doesn’t go unnoticed. Recently, they’ve received a card of appreciation from one of the new mothers, who was touched by the care she received at Northern:

Each year, on 8 September, we celebrate World Physiotherapy Day — a global event recognising the incredible role physiotherapists play in the community.

Melanie Hogan, Acting Associate Director Allied Health Physiotherapy, says there’s a different theme every year. This year’s focus is on raising awareness of physiotherapy’s key role in improving mental health through exercise.

“We help patients in many different areas – from helping women getting back to their everyday activities, to people with sports injuries, neurological or respiratory conditions. The world of physiotherapy is vast and it all contributes to helping people achieve their goals and full potential, as well as improve the quality of life,” she says.

Exercise and activity have a wide range of health benefits for mind, as well as the body. 

Our physios say – get active and stay active!