September 4, 2018

The Great Northern Bake Off

In baking …er breaking news this week, it’s been confirmed next Monday, Northern Hospital Epping will host its first Inaugural Bake Off and Afternoon Tea.

Event organisers have requested that all areas put forward two cakes, muffins, slices or any baked item really. The baked goods must reflect the ‘area you work in’.

Entries will be adjudged on taste, theme alignment and innovation, by our highly experienced judges, Mr John Snowdon and Chief Executive, Mr Siva Sivarajah.

Items can be either sweet or savoury but it’s very important to note all entries must be edible. To quote the event organisers – ‘don’t be afraid to take whisks!’

Cakes will be on display from 11.00 am after 10.30 am drop off. Winner will be announced at 3 pm the same day and receive $100 Coles Myer gift cards.

Entries will be shared with staff from their department as part of an afternoon tea.

When asked if the judges can be ‘influenced’, the cryptic response was ‘if there’s a whisk, there’s a way.’

For any area that would like to participate but hasn’t been included on the below department list, please email

In response to our question, ‘any final comments?’, they emphatically said ‘just beat it!’

Bake Off Department List