October 31, 2018

Baby Aubrey’s Story

Recently, a diverse group of clinicians came together to hear from Stephanie and Chris O’Connor on their recent medical obstetric experience at Northern Health as part of an ‘Ideas Lab’ session.

Baby Aubrey was born in early May and due to a cardiac condition — shared by mum and bub — spent a fortnight with us in our Special Care Nursery, along with Stephanie in our Intensive Care Unit.

The physical separation of Stephanie and Aubrey is unique and complex; mum needing cardiac monitoring in an adult environment and baby in the neonatal setting. The staff in both areas regularly coordinated time for mum and baby to be together, a physical distance of some 110 metres.

Stephanie and Chris shared their unique story from antenatal care to being discharged, followed-up by domiciliary.

“We are really happy to have been part of this,” Stephanie says.

“We want our experience to help improve the service, as we’re planning to come back to Northern Health for baby number two!”

The O’Connors’ experience is a rich source of first-hand knowledge, generously shared, and their generosity will contribute greatly to the ‘Staying Well in Pregnancy’ clinical community.

Bill Shearer, Executive Director of Quality Safety and Transformation, and the lead for our High Reliability Organisation transformation says, “their story — and our capacity to learn from it — is key in all healthcare quality improvement endeavours.”

“Our delivery of a High Reliability Organisation relies on it.”


Photograph left to right

Front: Chris & Stephanie O’Connor with baby Aubrey

Rear: Leonie Henderson, Quality Coordinator & Clare McCarthy, Project Manager