October 29, 2018

Broadmeadows Oldest Dialysis Patient Turns 90

Recently, Broadmeadows Hospital celebrated their oldest dialysis patient turning 90.

Robert Langford commenced Haemodialysis in 2008 and has been dialysing with the Broadmeadows Hospital Unit for approximately 10 years.

Given the nickname of ‘Bob the Builder’ because of his love for working with wood, Robert enjoys making toy trains, building blocks and chopping boards.

Cheryl Rofe, Nurse Unit Manager, Renal Services at Broadmeadows Hospital, says everyone refers to Bob as the granddad of the unit.

“Bob has been with us for such a long time – he is considered family,” she says.

When Bob turned 90, the team at Broadmeadows decided they would throw him a party and make it a day to remember.

There were balloons, his long term dialysis friends and even a Bob the Builder cake to celebrate the occasion!

“I had the best day ever! Such loving and caring people,” Bob says.

“The dialysis team are excellent!”