October 23, 2018

Occupational Therapy Week

This week is Occupational Therapy (OT ) Week, where we celebrate the wonderful work of our occupational therapists in helping people at all stages of life reach their potential.

Occupational Therapy is a client-centred health profession concerned with promoting health and wellbeing through therapeutic interventions.

It assists with returning function to patients who have experienced a specific event such as injury or illness.

Northern Health employs more than 60 occupational therapists who work in inpatient, ambulatory (outpatient) and community settings, providing services to all ages from newborns to seniors.

Associate Director, Allied Health – Occupational Therapy, Sue Pike, is thankful to be part of such a hard working team.

“I am extremely appreciative to work with such a dedicated and flexible team of occupational therapists, who not only provide excellent care to their patients, but also support one another and work collaboratively with their colleagues,” she says.

Grade 3 occupational therapist, Tameeka Robertson, also feels the same.

“I have been an OT at Northern Health for seven years and it is the team members that I work with that keep me coming back for more,” she says.

For more information about Northern Health Occupational Therapy please click here.