October 24, 2018

Paediatric Week: Be kind to your small person friends

Welcome to Paediatric Week – where we celebrate the paediatric population within our community and those presenting to Northern Health.

The week will focus on education and awareness amongst our dynamic nursing staff who look after children across several departments.

Educational sessions and skill stations will be held at Northern Hospital Epping, showcasing the diversity of paediatrics within Northern Health and ways to improve and promote healthcare delivery.

Pamela Perera, Paediatric Clinical Nurse Educator, encourages all staff with an interest in paediatric nursing to attend.

“These sessions will help staff to build knowledge and exposure in the management of our paediatric patients,” she says.

Themed days will also run throughout the week encouraging all departments to get involved and embrace their inner child. Yesterday, staff marked the occasion by having a crazy hair day.

Pamela says the paediatric nursing educating team assists in professional development of our nurses across Northern Health, to provide excellence in paediatric care.

“Collaboration with education teams and departments has demonstrated active participation in paediatrics, and has ultimately standardised the care provided across our organisation,” she says.

We encourage staff to celebrate the world of paediatrics, and in the wise words of Dr Suess – “be kind to your small person friends.”

Please click here for the full event schedule.

Crazy hair day at Northern Health