November 26, 2018

Exchanging Experiences: Surgeons visit from Asia

As part of Northern Health’s vision to create a centre for excellence in endovascular procedures, last week, a group of surgeons from Thailand and Vietnam visited Northern Hospital.

The visit provided our guests with the opportunity to observe the performed endovascular procedures, as well as to exchange findings with staff members.

Dr Iman Bayat, Head of Vascular Surgery Unit said that Northern Health collaborates closely with the industry.

“When there’s a requirement for training in overseas countries, the overseas surgeons are brought to Australia to observe our procedures, giving us all a great opportunity to exchange experiences,” he said.

The overseas surgeons witnessed some of the great outcomes our endovascular teams are achieving.

“Today we were successful in performing three endovascular repairs of abdominal aortic aneurysms. One of them was on a 96 year-old patient that was done purely under local anesthetics, and he will be going home tomorrow back to his family,” Dr Bayat said.

During the two day visit, Dr Kumpoo Foofuengmonkolkit, a cardiovascular surgeon from Bangkok, was introduced to medical devices used at Northern Health, as well as given a tour of the hospital and the chance to observe some of the procedures.

“The team here are just fantastic and I’ve learned a lot – especially the new techniques,” he said.

After sharing knowledge with experts from Northern Health and observing procedures, he feels confident he would be able to adapt the findings to procedures he performs in Thailand.

The visit was supported by Medtronic.