November 7, 2018

Movember: The movement for men’s health

The month of November is all about highlighting men’s health through the ‘Movember’ movement.

The Movember initiative aims to raise awareness and make a difference in men’s health, particularly addressing prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

Prostate cancer rates are expected to double in the next 15 years, while testicular cancer rates have already doubled in the last 50.

Poor mental health also leads to half a million men taking their own life every year – three quarters of all suicides are men.

Movember Australia says we need to come together to face this issue and “stop men dying too young”.

Northern Health has chosen to support the cause by creating their own Movember group.

Social Work Clinical Leader and Movember group organiser, Juan Alhucema, said, “as some men are hair-growth challenged, we have extended the idea of growing a moustache to changing your facial appearance. Participants can choose to either cut, grow, shave or dye their hair for the month of November.”

“Two staff members have already chosen to cut their ponytails off should they receive over $1,000 in donations,” he added.

Northern Health already have excellent representation across disciplines who have chosen to participate, including social work, physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

To support and make a donation to Northern Health’s group, click here – our group’s name is Noh-vember.

It’s not too late to join! If you’re interested in joining the cause, please email Juan Alhucema ( – they are also accepting pledges for the ponytail chop!