November 12, 2018

Pressure Injury Awareness Week

This week is Pressure Injury Awareness Week at Northern Health.

Pressure injuries (also known as bed sores) are areas of damage to the skin and underlying tissue caused by constant friction or pressure. They occur in bony areas such as the heels, elbows and back of the head.

Pressure injuries are considered one of the most common causes of hospital-acquired complications and can develop quickly in anyone with reduced mobility, such as older people or those confined to a bed or chair.

They can cause pain, discomfort, increased immobility and mortality. Pressure injuries carry substantial financial burden to the health service with regards to ongoing care.

In response to the risk of pressure injuries acquired in hospital, Northern Health Bundoora will be launching a program focussing on feet. This program will involve patients who are assessed as being at a high risk of developing a pressure injury, having preventative strategies including heel prophylactic dressings, bed cradles and bed wedges implemented to reduce their risk.

Lora Davies, Director of Nursing, Site Director and Director of Operations – Northern Health Bundoora, says “if we can reduce these hospital-acquired complications, it would improve patient experience and reduce the financial burden on the health service.”

2018 World Wide Pressure Injury Prevention Day will be celebrated on 15 November.