December 19, 2018

Achieving Academic Excellence: Madonna Goro

Northern Health Cardiac Nurse, Madonna Goro, was recently honoured with an Alfred Clinical School Award for Academic Excellence in Postgraduate Studies – cardiac nursing stream, from La Trobe University.

Currently studying a Master of Cardiac Care, Madonna received the highest marks across her course this year, excelling in both theory and practical components.

Previous to this, she completed a Bachelor of Nursing at RMIT. As part of the course, Madonna had the opportunity to work in different areas of the hospital – starting off in theatre then moving to pool nursing. It was during this time she found her passion in the field of cardiology.

“I have always been intrigued and fascinated by the heart and really enjoy working in coronary care looking after high acuity cardiac patients,” Madonna tells us.

Madonna has worked at Northern Health for four years and being able to help her community is what she enjoys most.

“Having grown up in this area, I feel I am contributing and serving my community,” she says.

“Working here is a way of giving back for me and I love that.”

Madonna sees herself becoming a cardiac educator, helping young nurses by offering her experience and knowledge. Madonna also has a passion for educating cardiac patients as she believes this is important to their recovery.

“On our ward, we prioritise education time for our patients prior to discharge. I think it makes a big difference when they have an understanding of what they’ve been through, what the next steps are, and how to live a better life. Having this understanding promotes confidence and prevents re-admission,” she says.

Madonna is very grateful for her team – managers, clinical support nurses and educators, who have been supportive and encouraging.

“We have a really good team on Unit D and I think when you work with supportive people it makes such a big difference. You’re happy to come to work and you apply yourself more,” she says.

Madonna would like to thank her whole team – Nurse Educator Maria Jolic, Clinical Support Nurse Natalie Kolegar, La Trobe University Course Coordinator Brendan MacDonald, and her managers Andrew Nixon and Gladis Thomas.