January 25, 2019

Dr Gina Ibrahim wins Chris Maxwell medal for best registrar

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology recently held the annual Chris Maxwell medal for best registrar presentation at NCHER.

This medal honours the contributions of Dr Chris Maxwell, who worked at PANCH and Northern for over 35 years and was a dedicated teacher and trainer of junior medical staff.

Four Obstetrics and Gynaecology junior medical staff entered the competition, and the winner was Dr Gina Ibrahim, who was presented with a $500 prize and medal by our guest judge, Professor Sue Walker from Mercy Hospital for Women.

Dr Paul Howat congratulated the other participants – Dr Amanda Quatrocelli, Dr Kelly Mirowska-Allen and Dr Bee Ng (pictured below) for their participation and fine efforts, and the winner, Dr Gina Ibrahim, on an excellent presentation.

“Gina impressed the judges with a stylish and innovative presentation, and was also well across the subject and able to respond comprehensively to the audience’s questions,” he said.

Gina presented a rare case about a woman who had an ovarian cyst causing her to have psychological and neurological symptoms. Gina said it was very hard to diagnose at the beginning as the patient presented with psychological symptoms, and was even admitted under the psych team for two weeks.

“As well as having an interesting case, my presentation style was also unusual as it was all animated as a board game. I explained the case in a step by step manner; how she presented to the Emergency Department, what investigations she had, then revealing the diagnosis at the end, which kept everyone intrigued. Most of our team had not heard about such a case before,” Gina said.

Gina has been with Northern Health for almost a year and what she loves most is the work environment.

“I’ve worked in many hospitals both overseas and in Australia, and have never truly felt comfortable and happy. Here, all the bosses are so friendly and very easy to approach. Even before starting, my interview with Dr Howat was the most comfortable interview I’ve had,” she said.

On a final note, Paul said, “we hope this achievement will help Gina attain her dream of being accepted into the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Specialist training program.”


Above left to right: Professor Sue Walker, Dr Gina Ibrahim, Dr Amanda Quatrocelli, Dr Kelly Mirowska-Allen and Dr Bee Ng

Feature image left to right: Professor Sue Walker and Dr Gina Ibrahim