January 8, 2019

Northern Pathology Victoria Opens

Victoria’s first public in-house laboratory service established in 40 years opened at midnight last night at Northern Hospital Epping.

After two years of teamwork and collaboration across various departments, Northern Health is proud to have an in-house laboratory which marks a significant milestone in Northern Heath’s growth and development.

Shiraz Lubke, Operations Manager Northern Pathology, said that the team is extremely happy and that the transition went smoothly.

“We had no major problems, and everyone held together really nicely and we got through it. We didn’t get any complaints from departments which proves it was a smooth transition,” she said.

Dr Brian Beer, Director of Pathology, confirmed that the midnight transition went really well and the team quickly overcame minor challenges.

“When I got here this morning, everyone was happy and things are working out. The hospital is also happy and ED is getting good service,” he said.

Dr Prahlad Ho, Director of Haematology thanked all other departments and Northern Pathology staff for making this transition so successful.