January 7, 2019

Teaching us all to have compassion: Marie Iacopino

Midwifery Educator at Northern Health, Marie Iacopino, received the award for ‘Compassionate Care’ at our inaugural Staff Recognition Awards.

Marie is the perfect example of how a small gesture, like checking in on someone during a tough time, can make a world of difference.

Marie was nominated by Graduate Midwife Larissa Hudgson, who says, “Marie is not just an amazing midwife, but she so genuinely cares for the graduates she supervises, and has gone above and beyond for me.”

“Any graduate or patient who is lucky enough to work with Marie is sure to feel respected and important,” she continues.

Larissa’s father passed away unexpectedly, and it was during this time that Marie reached out and offered help and support, meeting with Larissa to debrief and organise time off work for her.

“Despite being part of such a large organisation, Marie helped me feel important to the hospital but also ensured I had time to grieve,” Larissa says.

“She showed me where to find support and since restarting back at work, has checked on me.”

The award came as an unexpected, but much appreciated surprise for Marie, who only found out on the day she was receiving it. Marie was truly touched to read what Larissa had written in her nomination, as she didn’t realise the impact she had on her with everything going on.

“Larissa has had a tough year and I was truly humbled to know that I was able to help her through a difficult time,” Marie says.

“I was beside myself when I read her entry…I got a bit teary,” she continues.

When asked why she enjoys working at Northern Health, Marie says it’s the connections she has formed with both women in maternity and staff, to the supportive and encouraging environment she works in.

“I didn’t realise how much you could enjoy your work until I came to Northern Health. If you’re working with a good team and have a good support network it makes all the difference, and that’s what I have here,” she says.

On a final note, Marie says, “I’ve heard from women coming through our maternity services that they’ve had a really great experience at Northern Health and that’s what we want to provide.”

“If we’re doing well from our side, they’re doing well from their side.”

Sponsored by Maxxia and BankVic, our Quarterly Staff Recognition Awards have been designed to formally recognise outstanding contributions by our employees and celebrate staff excellence. Nominations for the next Quarterly Staff Recognition Awards are now open. To nominate a staff member or team, please click here.