January 15, 2019

Working together on our new Strategic Plan

February and March will be important months for Northern Health.

During this period, we will be working together on our vision, strategic priorities and values for Northern Health’s future, which will be reflected in the new Strategic Plan 2019-2024.

The Strategic Plan belongs to all of us, and that is why I feel strongly about ensuring everyone has a say in how Northern Health should look in the future, as we continue to provide trusted care to the residents of Melbourne’s northern suburbs.

The Strategic Plan builds on the tremendous work that has already been undertaken for our Clinical Services Plan. It will also reflect and encompass the work underway through our Trusted Care – High Reliability Organisation Initiatives.

Northern Health staff will be engaged in strategy planning in a number of ways.

An online staff survey will open in the first week of February, giving everyone the opportunity to contribute towards building a culture and environment we would all love to work in. We will also establish a dedicated Intranet page with relevant resources and information.

In addition to the online survey, the Strategic Planning Project team will be visiting all campuses during these two months, and arranging face to face meetings to talk about how Northern Health should look like for the next five years.

Besides engaging with our staff, we are also looking forward to speaking with our stakeholders, community, volunteers, and patients, to make sure our vision, values and priorities resonate with everyone.

This week, we’ve welcomed Richard Nasra to the role of Strategic Planning Project Officer, who will be working closely with Stephanie Allan, Acting Director Planning, and myself on the plan.

The Strategic Planning Project team and I are looking forward to the exciting period ahead.


Simon Keating

Chief Strategy, Business and Development Officer

Northern Health