January 30, 2019

Workshop: Counselling skills for the accidental counsellor

On Tuesday, 26 February, Northern Health’s Strengthening Hospital Response to Family Violence Team will be running an “Accidental Counselling” workshop at Northern Centre for Health Education & Research.

Accidental counselling refers to situations where emotional support is given by one person to another, where the person giving support is not a trained counsellor.

In our workplace or personal life, we can cross paths with people, clients or customers who are sometimes upset, distressed, sad, hurt and lonely, or simply need someone to listen to them. If you’re not a trained counsellor, it may be difficult to manage these situations with confidence.

The practical and interactive workshop will help participants develop skills in effective listening, empathetic communication, positive body language, assisting others to consider new possibilities, asking the right questions, focussing others towards solutions, setting boundaries and restraining the urge to ‘fix’ anyone or solve another person’s problem.

The workshop will be run by Linda Wilson, a qualified, practicing counsellor in private practice and experienced facilitator. Linda has worked with thousands of people to help develop their personal and professional skills, and has over 20 years of experience within the business sector and private practice.

Natasha Knapic, Project Officer, Strengthening Hospital Response to Family Violence, says “the workshop is a great way for people to better understand what to say and do to help others who are struggling, whether it be in the workplace, at home or in the community, and will provide valuable tools and skills no matter what situation you find yourself in.”

For information about the workshop, course fees and to register, please complete the registration form below and send to the Strengthening Hospital Response to Family Violence Team by 11 February 2019.

Accidental Counsellor Registration Form