February 15, 2019

Laughter the best medicine

They say laughter is the best medicine, and our youngest patients at Northern Hospital Epping got to test that theory out today thanks to another visit from the ‘clown doctors’.

Clown doctors provide a welcome escape from the reality of hospitalisation, visiting patients and their families to bring humour to healing.

Laughter not only relaxes our patients, but also helps their families who may be anxious and overwhelmed.

The clown doctors visited a number of different areas of the hospital including the Emergency Department and Children’s Ward, and prescribed a healthy dose of cheer throughout.

“We just love having them here – they are a great distraction to break up the hospital day,” said Children’s Ward Nurse Unit Manager, Katrina Burke.

We thank them for their unique contribution to health care, as they add to our patient-centred approach here at Northern Health.

You can check them out in action in the Children’s Ward in the video below!