March 7, 2019

Exchanging Knowledge: St Vincent’s Sydney visit Northern Health

Yesterday, Northern Hospital Epping welcomed Associate Professor Rajesh Subbiah and his team of cardiologists from St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney.

The group met with Associate Professor Uwais Mohamed and Northern Health cardiologists to observe and learn about ‘His Bundle Pacing’ – a revolutionary new pacemaker technique performed as a Melbourne-first by Dr Mohamed at Northern Hospital last year.

This technique has been attracting nation-wide attention, with Northern Health hosting Channel 9 in December last year to share a remarkable story about the impact this technique has already had on the lives of patients.

The new procedure, only performed on a small number of patients across the country, involves placing tiny electrodes in a different section of the heart – which surgeons had previously been unable to reach.

Northern Health’s guest, Associate Professor Rajesh Subbiah from St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney, said, “it’s been an outstanding experience here at the Northern Hospital with Dr Uwais Mohamed and we’ve really enjoyed our time here and learnt a huge amount.”

“We will be taking these skills back to St Vincent’s Sydney to develop the ‘His Bundle Pacing’ program in Sydney. It’s our first visit and it won’t be our last – we’ve enjoyed our time here and we’ll get updates as we move forward to launching the program.”

Dr Mohamed and his cardiology team hosted our guests, and were happy to share the skills and knowledge.

“It’s a pleasure for us to welcome Professor Rajesh Subbiah and his team down from St Vincent’s Sydney. This is a learning experience for us all,” he said.

Dr Mohamed said the new technique involves placing the probe into a central area of the heart, which stimulates both sides at the same time, enabling a more natural and synchronised heartbeat.

He said the new procedure can be performed on patients requiring a pacemaker for the first time, or those who have developed complications from an existing device.