March 12, 2019

Michelle Fenwick: My HR

This week, I am pleased to announce that my team at People & Culture are launching the ‘My HR @ Northern Health’ Campaign.

During this launch, Northern Health staff will be able to see how all the pieces of the ‘My HR’ puzzle are being upgraded or implemented. Another change is that some services will be returning to an in-house service model.

The pieces of the ‘My HR’ jigsaw puzzle are six core foundational systems and processes, which make up a dynamic and responsive HR Business Model, supporting HR services across Northern Health.

One of the new features I am really excited about is that now we will have a faster, scalable system accessible from multiple devices anywhere.

Each piece of the puzzle has the ability to develop and grow with us, which is especially important as we increase our workforce over the next decade.

It’s a very exciting time for systems and service enhancements at Northern Health, because ‘My HR’ will assist in reducing duplication, improving accuracy, and allowing greater visibility.

Each piece of the puzzle has key project and operational resourcing assigned to them. This allows each of these pieces’ project requirements to move forward, whilst the current services are being maintained.

Over the coming months, between April and July 2019, as these systems are implemented or upgraded and Go Live, we will be informing Northern Health staff on what is changing, how it affects you and what are the benefits of the change.

We are looking forward to the launch, and are excited to see the improved system take place.


Michelle Fenwick

Executive Director, People and Culture