March 4, 2019

Smart Eating Staff Challenge – We have the winner

During the four weeks in February, Northern Health’s ‘Smart Eating Staff Challenge’ motivated some of our staff to make healthier, smarter choices.

At the start of the campaign, Dietitians, Amy Castelli and Cliona Twohig, emphasised the idea behind the campaign was to motivate our staff to look after themselves. The main goal was to encourage staff to make simple and small changes every day, which would lead to developing healthy long-term habits.

The staff shared their February healthy eating photos through the dedicated Intranet page, with the photos ranging from dinners on the balcony after work to staff team lunches.

After careful consideration, Debra Bourne, Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer, has chosen the winning photo – the Broadmeadows team:

Cliona Twohig, Dietitian, submitted the photo saying: “Here are the Dietitians, Speech Pathologists and Food Service staff at Broadmeadows Hospital. We got together to enjoy some tasty, nourishing foods last week. It was a great excuse to share lunch with colleagues we don’t often see outside of our business duties.”

On behalf of the Broadmeadows team, Cliona accepted the prize today, adding that February has been an exciting month for everyone involved.

“It was inspiring to see staff excited about their fruit and vegetables, and sharing their meals. I think everyone enjoyed the campaign and I am hoping we can bring it back next year. The $100 Coles-Myer gift card will go towards a shared lunch for the teams involved, and we can’t wait to get back together and share our healthy meals again,” she said.

Northern Health’s focus on healthy eating doesn’t end here, as we will be announcing Northern Health’s new staff food policy – more details to follow next week! Stay tuned…