April 24, 2019

ANZAC Day 2019: Lest We Forget

This morning, Northern Health observed ANZAC Day at Bundoora Centre. ANZAC Day is a day that has been closely associated with our patients at Bundoora for almost a decade.

Quoting Sir William Deane, Governor-General of Australia, Jennifer Williams AM, Board Chair Northern Health, delivered the ANZAC Address;

“ANZAC is not merely about loss. It is about courage and endurance and love of country and mateship and good humour and the survival of a sense of self-worth and decency in the face of dreadful odds.”

The service had a sense of community, with our own Director Engineering and Building Supplies, Colin Woodward, acting as Master of Ceremonies. Many Northern Health staff also featured in the service, including Peter McWilliam, Northern Health and Northern Health Foundation Board member, Lucy Dove, Acting Operations Director/Director of Nursing Broadmeadows Hospital, Jeanette Eddy, Senior Outpatient Nurse Bundoora Centre, Bromwen Battye, Pastoral Care Bundoora Centre and Lora Davies, Director of Nursing, Site Director and Director of Operations Bundoora Centre.

St Damien’s Primary School Bundoora, who have also been closely associated with our ANZAC Day Service, sang a hymn in addition to the National Anthem.

A special feature of today were the giant poppies created by Laurelle Bland, Occupational Therapist at Northern Hospital.

Colin Woodward concluded with the words of author and poet Anthony Hincks:

“The ANZAC Day tradition,

Has meaning for us all,

So in that minute’s silence,

Remember those that fell,

Fighting for the freedom,

The freedom for us all.”

Special thanks to Patricia Mawkes, Watsonia RSL, Catafalque Party from the Defence Force School of Signals, Snez Poposka – ISS Bundoora Centre, Christine McGowan and all the volunteers, Grainne Ionnides, Kirralee Jensen and Lora Davies from Bundoora Centre and Colin Woodward, MC for today.