May 1, 2019

Flu vaccination launches today

Today, Northern Health launched the 2019 Flu Vaccination Campaign in the Northern Hospital foyer.

Siva Sivarajah, Northern Health Chief Executive, said that anyone can be affected by the flu, that’s why it is so important that everyone in the community protects themselves against the flu this season and takes steps to protect their own health and wellbeing, as well as those around them.

“If we look at the number of staff vaccinated last year, we succeeded in vaccinating over 90% of staff within three weeks of the campaign. That was a record number for Northern Health, and made us third in the state,” he added.

Dr Katharine See, Head of Respiratory Medicine, said that already this year, we are seeing higher than usual numbers of cases of influenza.

“Having the flu shot significantly reduces the risk of you getting flu and is recommended for all members of the community. Northern Health is committed to maintaining the health and wellbeing of our community, and is providing free vaccines to all members of our community,” she added.

Kerryn Asbury, Clinical Nurse Educator at Northern Health, shared a personal story about her husband Trevor, who caught the flu only a couple of weeks ago and had to be admitted into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for treatment.

“We have been told it will likely take another two to three months for Trevor to fully recover and return to work. It’s not just the physical effects of the flu that have impacted Trevor, but the emotional, psychological and financial effects felt by Trevor, myself, our three boys, family and friends,” she added.

Kerryn strongly encourages everyone to get their free flu shot this year.

“My husband was not in the high risk category being a 36 year old fit, healthy man. And yet, he was severely impacted by contracting the flu.”

Pictured above: Chief Executive, Siva Sivarajah and Chief Operating Officer, Jane Poxon.