May 24, 2019

Knitting Guild introduces footy beanies

The busy and creative fingers of ladies in Northern Health’s Knitting Guild have now introduced something new for babies – footy beanies.

These dedicated ladies have been knitting jackets, beanies, booties, soft toys and similar for more than 30 years, supporting the Northern Health Foundation and helping our patients have a positive hospital experience.

Bina Connelly is a former Northern Health employee who started at PANCH and that is where she began knitting with one of the local volunteers.

“I started knitting in 1991 and after I moved to Northern to work in the Social Work Department, I still continued to knit,” she said.

After retiring, she found it difficult to be away from Northern Health, so she decided to come back as a volunteer.

“I’m now volunteering on the tea trolley and I love it – and I get to see the people who I used to work with. It’s a social thing for me.”

Bina and the ladies from the Knitting Guild are using their talent to help the Northern Health Foundation. The items they make are sold in the Rainbow Shop at Northern Hospital and in the Busy Fingers Shop at Bundoora Centre. All the funds go to the Northern Health Foundation.

“Over the years, we’ve raised more than $100,000 for the Foundation and this has gone towards buying some wonderful equipment,” Bina adds.

The footy beanies are the newest addition and Bina is excited to share that she has knitted the beanies in different team colours.

Henni Wade, Manager Volunteer Services, added that the volunteering team is hoping to raise awareness of the new goods offered and the amazing work the volunteers do.

“Having the stall in the foyer this week fits in with National Volunteer Week, and we are celebrating all the wonderful things volunteers do at the hospital – the Knitting Guild is just one of the many activities,” she said.

“Hospitals can sometimes be a place where people can be stressed or anxious, and that’s when the volunteers come in to have a chat, bring positive energy and offer compassion,” Henni added.