May 9, 2019

Michelle Fenwick: People Matter Survey 2019

Next week, Northern Health launches the 2019 People Matter Survey, which will run from Monday, 13 May until Friday, 31 May. This survey is your opportunity to provide Northern Health with feedback on what is working well and what we need to be doing differently. Your feedback is incredibly important because it helps drive a number of key initiatives.

Over recent years, some of the key initiatives driven from your feedback include increasing communication through iNews and Chief Executive updates, reviving our Annual Staff Awards and introducing a new Quarterly Staff Reward and Recognition Program. We have a strong focus on addressing bullying and harassment and we’ve aligned to key community action groups such as White Ribbon. We’re currently improving our People Management systems and establishing an integrated Help Desk. Other initiatives include staff safety programs such as Mental Health Week, Fatigue Management and supportive programs like Pilates, Mindfulness and Financial Wellbeing.

The more staff voices we hear from, the richer the feedback, which in turn, assists us with raising ideas and more importantly, what needs to change to ensure that Northern Health is truly a great place to work.

On the morning of Monday, 13 May, all Northern Health staff will receive a generic survey link, which is sent to all active email accounts. The survey link means you can complete the survey anywhere, any time of the day and on any device that has Internet access and will take approx. 15 minutes to complete.

It’s also important to note that we take your privacy seriously and therefore, the survey has been and is completely anonymous. The survey is managed by an external company (Orima) and Northern Health will only receive an aggregated (and de-identified) report.

In 2018, 47 percent of Northern Health staff completed the survey, this year we want to hear from even more of you!

We look forward to receiving your responses and sharing the results from this year’s survey. If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Penelope Grellet (

Michelle Fenwick

Executive Director, People and Culture