May 6, 2019

Nurses and Midwives Week: Gary Lloyd

Gary Lloyd is the only male midwife at Northern Health. He loves what he does, having chosen this career over many other nursing opportunities and finding he can make a real difference in midwifery.

“During my training, I got exposed to all different areas, like ICU and ED, but eventually I felt that I wanted to specialise and focus on an area,” he explains.

During his time in the ICU, Gary realised that he would like a role where he would have the opportunity to connect with patients and get to know them better.

“After I trained in gynaecology and midwifery I realised I really liked it. Everyone was happy – there were cigars all around and chocolates! Everyone is always grateful for the work that you do, and I really enjoyed it,” he adds.

Gary started at Footscray Hospital in 1992 and for the last three years, Gary has been at Northern Hospital Epping.

“I just get the best vibe here, it’s just a nice place to work,” he said.

Gary says the best part about his job is that it’s not really a job – “I come here to have fun and deliver babies at the same time.”

He adds that he loves the multiculturalism at Northern Health, treating a variety of patients, and the team he works with, as they find time to have fun at work.

His advice to other male midwifes?

“Shave your heads. Because the babies pull your hair!”

“As a male midwife, I try to use humour and win over the dads, and that’s how I win over my patients too,” he explains.

Gary feels this is a great career choice for men who show kindness and empathy and want to take care of others, as well as show cultural sensitivity and respect.

“Sometimes it does take a while, but I do win over my patients, regardless of their cultural backgrounds. What matters to me is that my patients feel comfortable during the delivery,” he adds.

Northern Health is celebrating Nurses and Midwives Week with a range of events and a “Guess the Nurse/Midwife” competition. Head to the ground floor hallway of Northern Hospital (near the lifts) to see the display and win one of three prizes.