May 28, 2019

Palliative Care Grant brings new patient lifter

“This lifter is the best thing in the world for patients who are not able to step or shift their weight,” starts Julius Quiring, Nurse Unit Manager in the Palliative Care Unit.

“It is ideal for patients that can stand, but don’t wish to be lifted up with a sling hoist, as the patients can hold to the new chair now and lift themselves up,” he adds.

The Northern Health Palliative Care Unit at Epping Gardens is a 16-bed unit supporting patients who are approaching end of life. Before the Northern Health Foundation grant was approved, the unit only had access to a sling hoist which is used for non-weight bearing patients and required two staff members to assist when moving and caring for patients.

With the new lifter, only one nurse or a family member is required to help the patient up and move across the floor.

“It makes life so much easier for the nurses. There is no manual handling or lifting any more. Manual handling does take its toll on staff, as they had to help with moving patients from bed to the chair. With this device, lifting stops and the machine transfers them from point A to point B,” explains Julius.

He added the chair is perfect for patients who still have some arm and leg strength, and can stand up on their own. Nurses in the ward can now easily move patients around, and since the chair has strong wheels, it doesn’t feel like pushing at all.

Julius and his team are grateful for the Northern Health Foundation grant, as they see every day how both staff and patients benefit from the new equipment.