June 19, 2019

Research Grand Round: Professor James Boyd

La Trobe University’s Professor of Digital Health, James Boyd, held a lecture at Northern Health on digital data, health informatics and different ways we can use information to improve patient outcomes and the way a health service works.

“Health and care systems are complex with many interactions and linkages. No single part of the health system provides a complete picture. It is the whole system and the way that different parts interact which provides a complete picture of the ‘patient pathway’. Using ‘joined up’ information that covers the whole healthcare system allows clinicians to practice knowing the full context of their patients and their outcomes,” Professor Boyd explained.

Professor Boyd added care can be personalised rather than generic, founders can focus resources on interventions of proven value, while consumers can get access to solutions and information in ways that are commonplace in other aspects of their lives.

Over the last 10-15 years, technology has provided apps, wearables and the Internet, which has changed not just the way we live – these technology developments have also changed the way we deliver health services.

“Combining skills, knowledge and expertise around digital health, data linkage and health informatics, allows us to collect more information, electronically join-up points of care and to develop new ways of looking at healthcare services. This interaction between technology and healthcare allows us to monitor, manage and improve the efficiency of healthcare delivery and patient outcomes,” he added.

Professor Boyd is certain digital health is the future of health.

Professor Boyd has been appointed as the inaugural Chair in Digital Health at La Trobe University. He has a strong research background and is an international expert in data linkage and data governance and will lead La Trobe’s digital health strategy, course development and high-impact research on this important topic.

To learn more, see the video below: