June 26, 2019

What’s new in June

Builder appointed for Stage 2 Expansion Project at Northern Hospital

The Minister for Health has approved Kane Constructions as the main works builder for the Stage 2 Expansion Project at Northern Hospital. Kane have extensive experience in building public hospital infrastructure.

This next stage will increase the tower from three to seven floors, including three 32-bed wards accommodating 96 acute in-patient beds and three new operating theatres. The seventh floor will include shell space for future expansion.

Works are expected to commence almost immediately with an anticipated completion date of late February 2021.

Staying Well

In health care, we know we need to do things differently as our population grows and demand for health services continues. Our new “Staying Well” initiatives will commence in the second half of the year – where we will reach out to patients in the community to support them further outside hospital.

In the future, this will extend to further involvement in population health and support across our community.

I’m pleased that we’ve been able to recruit Professor Don Campbell as Clinical Services Director, Staying Well Program, commencing in August. Don is an innovator in the health sector, establishing a number of ground breaking programs including most recently the ‘Monash Watch’ program for patients with complex needs.  He has also been involved in simulation flow modeling tools, to understand the movement of patients through hospitals – including Royal Children’s Hospital, Royal Melbourne Hospital & Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Flu Vaccination

Our flu vaccination team have provided over 16,000 vaccinations to the public in just over a month, compared to 11,000 vaccinations in three months last year, and to date 602 patients have been vaccinated.

When we look at our staff, 79% of staff have received the vaccination, with our target being 90%. I encourage you all to participate for your own health, your family and the protection of our patients.

Although the flu season has not yet been officially declared, we all know winter is here!

I hope you have a good week ahead.

Siva Sivarajah

Chief Executive