June 5, 2019

World Environment Day

Today is World Environment Day.

Northern Health is asking our staff to pledge their support and commitment to minimising waste for at least one day. This can be done by changing your own bin or better yet, taking your waste home with you, bringing in a reusable coffee mug and remembering to turn off lights and computer when not in use. These small changes can have a big impact!

Sandra Molinaro, Manager Support Services at Northern Health, says “Northern Health is passionate about environmental sustainability and apart from our day to day general, commingled and paper waste, we also recycle other waste such as organics, fluorescent tubes, batteries, Kimguard from Theatre, Electronic Waste, Metal and PVC.”

“This has resulted in Northern Health successfully diverting 25,000 kg of waste away from landfill and into specialised waste streams and made into products.”

Basil Ireland, Chief Financial Officer, is excited about the opportunities ahead for sustainability.

“In the next 12 months, we aim to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by more than 10 percent by accessing a loan from the Department of Health and Human Services Victoria to install solar panels, upgrade our lighting and further tune our building automation systems,” he says.

“We have also commenced the replacement of our existing motor vehicle fleet with hybrid cars. The future is looking greener.”

The environmental sustainability team invites you to come down and visit the front foyer today, where a display will be set up detailing all of our achievements. With a gold coin donation, you can even pick up a bag of organic fertiliser or coffee grounds for use at home, with all proceeds being donated to the Northern Health Foundation.

For more information about environmental sustainability, please visit our Intranet page.