July 12, 2019

Grateful patient shares his story

45 year old father of three, Adrian Nandapi says it’s great to be alive, literally.

Two months ago he was in the fight of his life. Whilst on holiday in Fiji with his family, Adrian suffered a scratch on the shinbone of his right leg.

36 hours later, his family flew home to Australia and his leg had become noticeably swollen.

In the hours that followed, his body went into septic shock and he was rushed to the Northern Hospital’s emergency department for life-saving treatment and surgeries.

After being admitted to our intensive care unit, Adrian’s family were informed he had a serious bacterial infection, necrotizing fasciitis.

Over time, Adrian’s body started to fight back as our medical team successfully treated his condition, even saving his leg.

On 11 June, after five weeks and multiple surgeries later, Adrian safely returned home to his family.

Last week, he returned to hospital to thank the nurses and doctors that saved his life.

“I am alive today due to the passionate, empathetic and outstanding professionalism shown to my family and I by the wonderful medical team at Northern Hospital in Epping,” he said.

“Thank you to the staff who took such good care of us in Ward 15 and Ward 13. Hospitals are an emotional roller coaster and doctors and nurses are at the forefront of that – they unwaveringly support us in life’s most difficult of moments,” he added.

“Northern Hospital’s magnificent medical team saved my life, and in doing so, you saved my family and friends from a world of pain.”

Adrian is now back on his feet and has even returned to work. Watch the video below to see Adrian’s story featured on Channel 7 News.

Adrian Nandapi with his wife, Enza, and their three children