August 15, 2019

Vascular surgery team hosts international surgeon for workshop

This week, Dr David Goh and the vascular surgery unit hosted a workshop, inviting experienced vascular surgeon, Dr Arne Schwindt, from Germany.

The purpose of the workshop was to introduce new techniques and technologies used for the treatment of Type II endoleaks (leaks that can happen after endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR)).  Traditionally, these cases have been referred to the interventional radiology department, however, increasingly, this has become part of a vascular surgeon’s skill set.

“It’s an excellent skill for vascular surgeons to have, as it leads to more familiarity with micro catheters and complex endovascular work,” David Goh said.

Dr Arne Schwindt has vast experience with endovascular surgery, in particular with the treatment of complex endoleaks.

“I was invited to assist in a case of a patient who had a late complication after treatment of an abdominal aneurysm,” Arne Schwindt said.

When asked if he performs many of these procedures back in Germany, he said he is one of the more experienced surgeons in this field.

Dr Goh explained the case undertaken during the workshop – “An endoleak from a patient that had an EVAR in 2017 was present and the aortic aneurysm sac was increasing in size, indicating a need for treatment. Dr Schwindt guided two of the vascular surgeons to obtain access to the leak using micro catheters fix the leak.”

“The workshop was attended by the entire vascular surgery unit, and the case was performed successfully under the guidance of Dr Schwindt,” David Goh added.

“With the experience and knowledge gained from the workshop, the vascular surgery team now have the ability and skill set to fix endoleaks and work in concert with the interventional radiologists. Going forward, the vascular team feel confident in expanding this new skill set and offering this treatment for this complication,” David Goh said.

The team with Arne Schwindt (middle) in the operating theatre

Featured Image: David Goh (back row, 4th from the left) and Arne Schwindt (back row, 5th from the left) with the Northern Health vascular surgery team