August 6, 2019

World Breastfeeding Week

Northern Health is celebrating World Breastfeeding Week with a foyer display and an afternoon tea held today at Ward 11.

World Breastfeeding Week encourages mothers to breastfeed to help their baby grow healthy and strong.

“We understand while breastfeeding is natural for the baby, sometimes mothers may need more support, so this week is a great opportunity to raise awareness of Northern Health’s Specialist Breastfeeding Clinic and the support services available to mothers within the northern community”, said Natalie Mckell, Clinical Coordinator, Domiciliary and Lactation.

The Specialist Breastfeeding Clinic provides information, assistance, education, reassurance and counselling on breastfeeding and infant feeding issues.

“Northern Health has four lactation consultants available to assist mothers and staff with breastfeeding issues, and mothers needing additional support and advice are able to see a lactation consultant as an outpatient after being discharged from hospital,” she added.

Mothers can discuss any questions about infant feeding, breastfeeding, sleep patterns and settling techniques, or any other aspects of parenting.

“Our midwives and lactation consultants work hand in hand with our families to support successful breastfeeding outcomes,” Natalie added.

The Specialist Breastfeeding Clinic also holds breastfeeding classes on alternate Wednesday and Friday at Northern Hospital Epping and alternate Thursday at Craigieburn Centre.

Afternoon tea at Ward 11