September 9, 2019

Conversations on Mental Wellness launches

Today marks the start of ‘Conversations on Mental Wellness’ at Northern Health, with the OHS & Wellbeing team officially launching the week this afternoon across all sites.

Our lives can get busy juggling very fast paced working environments, family, friends and interests outside of work.

That is why we need to stop, take a break and talk about our mental wellness. As an organisation, we started ‘Conversations on Mental Wellness’ last year, and will continue those conversations this year as well.

‘Conversations on Mental Wellness’ will run from Monday 9 September (coinciding with Suicide Prevention Day) – Friday 13 September, and will offer a number of events and activities for staff to enjoy.
The activities will focus on continuing to promote and support staff mental wellness and ensure staff have avenues of support and strategies to assist them in challenging times. The OHS & Wellbeing team also encourage staff during the week to link in with colleagues, and ask RUOK? 

Additionally, the week will include education around a number of mental health and wellbeing focus areas, and strategies and tools to support mental and physical health to maximise wellbeing.

Events and activities will include guest speakers, a panel discussion, Grand Round, yoga sessions, TREAT rest and recovery sessions, seated massage sessions and seminars on nutrition and mental health.

All events throughout the week are free and will provide a good balance between guest speaker sessions and practical self-care sessions. Check out the full timetable of events below!

For further information on Conversations on Mental Wellness, please click here. 

Featured Image (left to right): Chief Executive, Siva Sivarajah, Executive Director People and Culture, Michelle Fenwick, Director OHS & Wellbeing, Will Halpin and Workplace Wellbeing Coordinator, Alison O’Sullivan