November 1, 2019

Colin Woodward: What were you doing in the 80s?

In the lead up to this year’s 80’s themed Northern Health Foundation Dinner, we sat down with Director of Engineering, Colin Woodward, to find out what he was doing in the 80’s! Read his story below. To purchase your tickets to the Dinner, please click here.

What were you doing in the 80’s?

I was at school, at a college in Broadmeadows and then I started my apprenticeship in Greenvale, which later closed and all the services got transferred to what we know was Broadmeadows Hospital.

Did you travel somewhere exciting?

Only around Australia.

What’s your best memory from the 80’s?

Island cruises, Treads footwear which were very hippy. Blokes wore tight jeans with pink jumpers!

Did you go to any concerts or festivals?

I haven’t, but I was a big fan of The Bangles. All boys loved them.

What was your favourite thing to do on a Friday or Saturday night?

We would normally find our way to a nightclub somewhere.

What is the daggiest outfit from the 80’s that you wore?

Tight blue jeans and a pink jumper, with a white T-shirt underneath!

Did you own a boombox?

I had a walkman.

What was your favourite 80’s character in Home and Away?


What was your favourite character on Country Practice?


Was there anything that made your heart stop in the 80’s?

My wife. I saw her when I was 13, and she was 15, on the steps of the Broadmeadows Townhall. We started going out when I was just about to turn 21.