November 27, 2019

LGBTIQ+ Ideas Labs

LGBTIQ+ staff and friends recently participated in Ideas Labs across our four sites.

Through discussion, participants identified there may be more Northern Health could do to promote pride within the LGBTIQ+ community of the north. This includes improving LGBTIQ+ visibility through leadership, higher profile of LGBTIQ+ people and the use of relevant signs and symbols (e.g. rainbow flags).

One way we can do this is by celebrating LGBTIQ+ through special events involving the broader community, with plans well underway to participate in the Midsumma Pride March in February 2020.

We also hope to run events for IDAHOBIT (International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, Biphobia and discrimination against people with an intersex condition) in May, Wellness Week in September and Coming Out Week in October.

Decreasing stigma and improving knowledge and understanding about LGBTIQ+ facts, figures and issues can be achieved through an ever expanding education strategy.

Participants in the Ideas Labs felt that Northern Health should increase visible support for staff and generate a positive sense of identity and community, with safety and inclusion being our ultimate goal.

Participant, Penelope Grellet, Director of Organisational Capability, said, “it was so valuable to all come together and share different ideas. The Lab was a great way to encourage and engage in conversation with other staff members we don’t get an opportunity to work with all the time.”

After the Labs, the Chair of the LGBTIQ+ Working Group, Anne Hastie, said, “face to face sessions are important as many and varied ideas can be actively explored and debated. The final message from the Labs was clear; people want LGBTIQ+ to have more visibility in the health service.”

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