November 7, 2019

Mercy and Western visit our Daily Safety Brief

Last week, our Daily Safety Brief welcomed guests from Western Health, Mercy and Sunshine Hospital who visited Northern Hospital to learn more about how we manage and solve our daily safety and operational challenges.

Saini Gurnit, Innovation and Improvement Advisor at Mercy Health, said she is thankful to Ariana Carrodus, Acting Director Project Management and HRO, for organising the visit.

“It’s been great to see the Daily Safety Brief here and get some ideas and understanding how other services run these sessions. All health services, whether is Northern, Mercy or Western experience the same challenges and we are all here for the same purpose – to serve our patients. And it’s OK to have these issues, as we are working collaboratively to actually work through them,” she said.

Joanne Cocks, who works at Western Health on implementing a standardised discharge process across the organisation agreed that it’s important to see how things work in different organisations.

“There are things we are doing really well, but there are areas that need improvements. We have a similar 9 am meeting, with less people and details. I really like your visuals – the boards and colours. The electronic systems and dashboard is something Western could look at using,” she said.

Out third guest, Christine Crow, Access Manager at Sunshine Hospital added: “It is important to see how other hospitals work. It’s great to take some things back that can help us improve and we can share ideas that we do really well also.”

Ariana Carrodus added we’ve had different health services come and visit, as well as people from Safer Care Victoria.

“It’s important to learn from each other to do better. I am always happy to have people visiting and vice versa,” she said.

Northern Health’s Daily Safety Brief is a morning huddle and the initiative is part of numerous activities and programs Northern Health has been undertaking in its High Reliability Organisation transformation.

Featured Image (left to right): Our guests, Saini Gurnit, Joanne Cocks, Christine Crow with Ariana Carrodus and Edward Savill from Northern Health.