December 11, 2019

Blanket warmer donation for Broadmeadows Hospital

The Dialysis Unit at Broadmeadows Hospital have received a new blanket warmer machine, kindly donated to the Northern Health Foundation by the Australian Lions Foundation, Lions Club of Glenroy and Glenroy RSL.

Lindsay Knight, President of the Lions Club of Glenroy explained one of the members was contacted by Vicki Vernon, a Broadmeadows volunteer, whose husband Alan Vernon was a dialysis patient and sadly lost his life following a long battle with kidney disease.

“She explained the need for the hospital to have a blanket warmer, its benefits and value it brings to the patients. We brought it to the board meeting and everyone thought it would be a great idea,” he explained.

The Lions Club raises funds though BBQs at Bunnings and a Christmas raffle at Broadmeadows Shopping Centre.

“Luckily, we had some money and our Australian Lions Foundation provides funds to cause worthy purposes. Every dollar that our club raises, they would match. Also, the RSL donated a $1,000 towards the cause,” he explained.

Rosemary Kerr from Glenroy RSL thought this would be a great project, as they raise money for the community as well.

“A lot of our members come here for dialysis and rehabilitation, so that is one of the reasons why we supported this initiative.”

Rosemary added that she has a special interest in the place, as she was a member of the committee that set the hospital up.

“We bought the land in 1999 for one dollar,” she said.

Yvonne Amos, Director, Northern Health Foundation, said the donation of a blanket warmer in memory of Alan, by Lions Club Glenroy, Glenroy RSL and Lions Club Foundation will greatly improve the level of comfort for our patients during dialysis treatment at Broadmeadows Hospital.

“To be able to bring the donors onto the ward to talk first hand with patients about their treatment experience and what it means to receive a warm blanket was humbling for all in attendance.  Thank you again to all involved, especially Vicki Vernon who supported the project in memory of her husband Alan,” she added.

Barb, Rosemary, Jeff, Lindsay, Vicki and Dick with Broadmeadows Dialysis patient Deidre Benjamin.


Featured image (left to right): Rosemary Kerr Lions Club of Glenroy & Glenroy RSL; Grant Taylor, Cheryl Rofe, Susan Pike from Northern Health; Jeff Thomas, Member of Lions Club of Glenroy;  Vicki Vernon, Volunteer; Lindsay Knight, President Lions Club of Glenroy; Barb Kenny, Member of Lions Club of Glenroy.