December 13, 2019

Library team going above and beyond

The Library Service Team has been well recognised this year with multiple awards for their dedication to Northern Health.

Library Manager, Kathryn Rough, won the award for ‘Above and Beyond’ during our most recent Quarterly Staff Recognition Award Ceremony, for always going that extra mile.

“It’s in a librarian’s nature to be helpful and it’s very rewarding to assist staff or students with their enquiries, to give them the correct answer to their question. Some enquiries can take a few minutes to answer but most can take hours or days to research and disseminate,” she said.

“If we can help the allied health team gain research funding for a stroke intervention, help a nurse finalise their PhD reference list or assist a junior doctor to access guidelines via their mobile device, then it’s been a good day!” she added.

Kathryn has worked at Northern Health for six years in her role, and says her favourite part about working here is her colleagues.

“I know this gets mentioned a lot but it really is the people who work and study at Northern Health. We have so many innovative staff that work here who are doing strong research and trying to make a real difference for our patients,” she said.

In addition to Kathryn’s award, the entire library service team, comprising of Kathryn and library technicians, Janice Gauci and Kelly Chan, recently won the Annual Staff Excellence Award at the 2019 Northern Health Annual General Meeting.

The library team received multiple nominations by their colleagues, one of which was from Quality Coordinator, Sarah Rexhepi, who said, “Kathryn and her team always help every single person that walks in the library and they do so much research for the doctors and anyone that asks them. They always go above and beyond to help – they are the YES team and I think they should be recognised for their great work!”

Janice and Kelly agreed winning the award was special as it meant their hard work was appreciated.

“It was lovely to have the work we do be recognised by the health service, because customer service is really important to us and that’s reflected in Kathryn and the tone she sets for the whole library – we follow that through and do so with our interactions with staff and clients,” they said.

“We’re a small team, and all of us work well with each other and we work really hard to support the study and research needs of all the staff here.”

Kathryn added, “I know this sounds cheesy but it really has made me feel humble to be recognised. It has also made me realise that I have the most amazing team in Janice and Kelly. Together, we have assisted so many of our staff and students in finding and accessing the best evidence for their practice.”

Tim Bond from Maxxia and Kathryn Rough receiving her award

To hear more about the library team, check out the video below!

Featured Image (left to right): Kathryn Rough, Kelly Chan and Janice Gauci