December 18, 2019

Our nurses at Giant Steps Conference

Twenty nurses from Northern Health have participated in Safer Care Victoria’s ‘Giant Steps’ Conference.

Health Professionals Bank supported Northern Health’s nursing workforce to attend the Giant Steps Conference to further education opportunities for our nurses and midwives.

Debra Bourne, Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer, selected 20 staff to receive the grant to attend the ‘Giant Steps’. She said our nurses had an opportunity to network and learn about the latest trends in quality improvement, emerging health challenges, leadership, delivering high-quality care.

“Thank you for the support from the Northern Health Foundation and the Health Professionals Bank for this scholarship. It was great to hear the nurses present their learnings to a wider audience at Northern Hospital. They have really demonstrated enthusiasm and drive obtained from that conference,” she said.

This Safer Care Victoria Conference aims to look at finding a better, safer way to deliver health care, by combining high-profile, inspirational keynotes, practical masterclasses, workshops and networking events to deliver a different experience.

Stephanie Shears, one of the nurses who attended said the ‘Giant Steps’ conference for her was an incredible learning opportunity she will never forget.

“As a young Graduate nurse beginning my career as a nurse, I learnt the importance of quality care and improvement in all aspects of healthcare and was inspired to always strive to deliver the best care possible. But not only that, it also taught me that there is always opportunity for further research and improvement in all aspects of health care. I now strive to become a leader in the nursing field and a quality and safety advocate for all of my patients and colleagues in future. I will definitely be attending the next GS conference to learn more about the incredible work being done all over Victoria,she said.