December 17, 2019

Year 3 students fundraise for Northern Hospital

Recently, three young members of the community decided to give back and raise money for their local hospital.

Year 3 students, Mischa, Sara & Victoria from St Catherine’s Primary School in Lalor West organised and ran their own fundraising stall after writing to the Northern Health Foundation about wanting to help.

Their letter said, “We would like to let you know that in Term 3, we are going to put on a shop to raise money for the Northern Health Foundation. Some of the things we will be selling are posters, origami peacocks, origami mice and chatter boxes.”

“Northern Hospital is our local hospital and we would love to help in any way. We are looking forward to donating.”

Through their fundraising efforts, Mischa, Sara and Victoria raised a total of $92.20, which will go towards the Foundation’s current defibrillator campaign.

When asked about their motivation behind fundraising, the three primary school students had various reasons to why they wanted to make a difference.

Mischa said, “I like to help other people and I have allergies so I know what it’s like.”

Sara said, “To help all the people that have a hard time in the hospital.”

Victoria said, “I wanted to raise money for the Northern Health Foundation because they helped me fix my fractured finger.”

“Northern Health Foundation would like to thank Mischa, Sara and Victoria, three inspirational young students, for helping fundraise in support of Northern Hospital Epping. Each one of them had a special reason to give back to their community and local hospital which is inspiring,” said Northern Health Foundation Director, Yvonne Amos.

Featured Image (left to right): Mischa Necovski, Sara Vata, Victoria Terziiski