January 22, 2020

Intern, Nikki Petrakis on becoming a Northern Doctor

Nikki Petrakis says she has always wanted to be a Northern Doctor. This year, she saw her dream become a reality.

Nikki is one of our many excited and talented medical interns starting their Northern Health journey this year.

After studying as a medical student at James Cook University in Townsville and Mackay, Nikki was eager to return to her home city of Melbourne and work in the northern suburbs where she grew up.

“Northern Health was my top choice for internship as I was driven to give back to the community I had grown up in as a child. All my big Greek family live in the area, including the four grandparents who inspired me to become a Northern Doctor.”

“My mum began her career as a clinical support officer at Northern Hospital, and I am excited to begin my career in the same organisation,” she said.

Nikki tells us she enjoyed visiting family members over the years who worked for Northern Health.

“Growing up, I always visited family working here, including my two aunties who work in surgical bookings and podiatry still to this day. However, I’m proud to be the first in the family to work here as a doctor.”

Nikki’s time studying interstate provided her with a number of unique experiences to help shape her as a junior doctor.

“Studying in Far North Queensland has equipped me with the skills to become a practical and resourceful doctor. I was fortunate enough to deliver babies in the Tropics of Fiji, work rurally in Mount Isa and visit some of Australia’s remotest communities with the Royal Flying Doctors Service,” she says.

The future looks bright for Nikki and she is keen to hit the ground running to care for patients and families in the north.

She tells us she is most looking forward to being an advocate for holistic patient care. She says, “this is especially relevant in communities like ours that have such diverse backgrounds.”

“I am particularly passionate about having a role in the development of Northern Health as an organisation that services not just individual patients, but our entire community,” she adds.

“Although I have not chosen a medical specialty yet, it is exciting to be a part of the growth corridor out in the north, and see my career develop alongside the continued expansion of the health service.”