January 10, 2020

Welcome 2020 interns!

This week, 40 new junior doctors commenced as medical interns at Northern Health.

Dr John Ferguson, Chief Medical Officer, who warmly welcomed our new interns, said, “We are delighted to have them join us – they bring a wide range of backgrounds and the passion and commitment we are already seeing. We are very excited with this intake and we look forward to making them feel part of Northern Health.”

Dr Carol Chong, Intern Training Supervisor, said she is very happy to welcome the interns.

“The interns come from various clinical schools, including our own at Northern Health. The interns will be with us for a year, and will go through different areas of the hospital – General Medicine, General Surgery and Emergency Department and other specialities,” she said.

Dr Brandon Lui, one of the new interns said Northern Hospital has played a significant part in his life.

“I have spent the last three years studying here as a medical student, and during this time I have also dedicated half a year towards research that will improve the way we treat our patients with blood clots. I am incredibly excited and privileged to be able to continue my story at this hospital as one of the next cohort of doctors – a 2020 intern,” he said.

We welcome all of our new interns and wish you the very best in your career at Northern Health.