February 27, 2020

Growing your career at Northern Health: Learning Labs

The Organisational Capability team at Northern Health is launching a refreshed learning and development program – Learning Labs and Learning Hubs.

“Learning Labs are our face to face learning offering for 2020, and include one day workshops, open to all staff, at different levels,” Emily Dawson, Director Organisational Capability, explained.

They are workshops covering core soft skills, leadership training and Northern Health specific knowledge, and encompass four levels; Tool Lab, Manager Lab, Leader Lab and Leadership Masterclass.

“Our Tool Lab is open to all staff members. Topics include emotional intelligence at work, resilience, communication skills, RISSN, LISN and much more. Next level up is our Manager Lab, which is open to all new and aspiring managers. They will cover topics like employee management and performance management,” Emily added.

“The Leader Lab is the next step and is open for people who are already managers, but would like to learn leadership skills. The last level, Leadership Masterclass, is for identified high potential individuals and attendance is by invite only,” she added.

Learning Hubs are a place to go to on the LMS which will host videos, blogs and educational material for various departments and we will be creating more hubs as the year goes on.

The Hubs are a way of giving different departments, divisions or areas a place to collect relevant information and host discussion forums, blogs, podcasts, videos and links to relevant websites.

“Hubs will be a spot where staff can find all crucial information for their areas,” Bec Gilbert, Manager, Organisational Capability, said.

For more information, and to register, please head to the Organisational Capability intranet page. Please talk to your manager if you are interested in participating, as all programs require manager’s support.

If you have any questions, please reach out via NH-HR-Learning@nh.org.au 

Featured image (left to right): Simon Bertoli, Digital Designer Lead; Sarah Spicer, Senior Coordinator; Bec Gilbert, Manager; Emily Dawson, Director; Hania D’Avoine, LMS Admin; Alysha Spencer, Advisor; Chloe Moorcroft, Student Admin.