February 7, 2020

Salvation Army support safe sleep for babies

When Michelle Morrow, Nurse Unit Manager, Maternity, identified that introducing a Pepi-Pod safe sleep space program at Northern Hospital could prevent infant falls due to co-sleeping, she approached the Northern Health Foundation to seek funding.

The Pepi-Pod is designed to sit on a bed alongside a new mother, with safety rail up, so mothers can attend to baby’s needs in those important first hours or days of life. Pepi-Pods are especially important if a new mother has had a caesarean section and her mobility is decreased.

Michelle explains how the Pepi-Pod works

“From a midwife’s perspective, we encourage mothers to take as much care of their infants as they can, as the time from having a baby to going home can be a very small window,” explained Michelle.

Recently, Michelle welcomed The Salvation Army ‘Sew Beautiful’ Craft Group to the Maternity Ward along with Josie Verga, Fundraising and Engagement Manager, Northern Health Foundation.

Joan Mathews, Co-ordinator of the Craft Group learnt about the Pepi-Pod project from Josie and together with her members agreed it was a worthwhile project to support.

“We already support Northern Hospital and this is a continuation of what we do,” Joan said.

Michelle was thrilled to welcome the group and be able to thank them personally for their support. At the time of their visit, there were six mums using the Pepi-Pods. The ladies met a new mum Heidi and were ‘blown away’ to see first-hand, the Pepi-Pod in use.

As they explained: “I think the practicality of the pods for new mums is great and to hear a young mum say that she got some sleep with her baby, thanks to the Pepi-Pod is very heartening. It is good to see them in use, because all we knew was that they were containers and now we can see they are so much more than that!”

Joan said that, “The craft group come together to share in fellowship, connect with others and undertake craft projects to raise vital funds to support their local community, including projects like the Pepi-Pod safe sleep space program at Northern Hospital”.

Yvonne Amos, Northern Health Foundation Director, informed Michelle, “The Salvation Army Whittlesea Craft Group left the ward very impressed with the Maternity Wards support and work with new mothers and will be wonderful community advocates for our service.”