April 17, 2020

Creativity in a time of COVID-19

With increased physical distancing measures and stage three restrictions currently in place, our staff have been spending their days off, quite differently lately.

A number of them have found creative ways to spend their time at home and express themselves through their cooking, sewing, weaving, gardening, photography, art – even dance and carpentry!

Wanda Stelmach, our Director of Surgery, refused to let the lock-down get in the way of celebrating Easter with her 95 year old dad , who is in residential care.

Not only did she prepare and deliver Easter eggs (the Polish version of coloured hard-boiled eggs) but also got to chat to him on Skype.

Says Wanda, “I think it is important to observe these traditions at a time like this. Challenging as it was to get my dad to use this technology, it made his day – and mine!”

Pets are a recurring theme – both as figurines (made by Danielle Wilding) and as companions (Olivia Wynne and Heidi McKenzie) and then there’s Steph Labourne’s rather bemused cat. Or is it annoyance, that there’s no food in sight?

We are hoping to put Catharine Fowler, who made this incredible outdoor table below, in touch with John Ferguson, our Chief Medical Officer, featured in our gallery for his wood chopping skills. We think there might be a business opportunity here.

Some have found their inner child – Yvonne Amos, our Foundation Director, has been ‘making silly animals for our front yard to keep the neighbourhood entertained’. We are not aware of any complaints from the neighbours – yet.

From our picture gallery, it is very evident there is an abundance of talent out there.

We would encourage staff to continue to send in examples of how staying at home can be both fulfilling and socially responsible.

Featured Image: Kim Scott who is in the front line at our Fever Clinic,  with her spinning wheel