April 29, 2020

HRO team: A sense of team wherever you are

Since the COVID-19 preparation started, the multi-skilled Project Management/HRO team has been focused on two main things: setting up to use the split team model and supporting the organisation in COVID-19 response activities.

Sophie Argiriou, Director Project Management Office/HRO, explained the team first made a skill set list for all team members.

“We looked at the various qualifications the team has and where we could best use our previous experiences, or develop some of our skills further. We all had one question on our minds Where can I help in the organisation?” she explained.

“For example, the skills ranged from ICU specialist nursing to IT expertise – knowledge and past experience we could apply in a time of crisis,” she explained.

Sophie adds that creating a sense of team outside your home really helps in the whole way we deal with isolation.

“It’s not just about checking in with your people, it’s about creating an environment where you can have honest conversations with your team. There is a level of trust there that everyone is doing their job, but as a Manager I also care about how they are going as a person and as a team. We all have to be adaptable. The team has certainly proven we can be flexible and work in new ways,” she explained.

To keep her split team connected and in good spirits, Sophie introduced the 9 am ‘Virtual banter with coffee’ on MS Teams.

“This is not mandatory, it’s for all of our team members available and it can go from 15 to 45 min. The video chat is really good because we are able to see one another – body language and facial expressions are very effective in providing insight on how someone is coping. We talk about different things like home schooling kids, difficulties team members are experiencing and what we can do as a team to help out,” she explained.

To bring the fun into the chat and share a few laughs, the team is also regularly changing their background to “where would you rather be theme” – is it at the beach, a galaxy far far away or perhaps some Minecraft. A new addition has been the introduction of rapid 90 second trivia the team have adapted to a virtual platform. Many unique talents have been discovered!

The team will continue to be involved with Recovery Planning and ensure our High Reliability Organisation (HRO) work continues.

“What we have found is that there are strong connections between COVID-19 planning and HRO. There is lots of work ahead of us, with a focus on how as an organisation we can ensure there is a level of pandemic preparedness whilst ensuring transformation and innovation continue into what is our ‘new normal,’” Sophie explained.

Featured image: Sophie Argiriou (top left), Tracey Martin (top right), Ariana Carrodus (bottom left), Richard Nasra (bottom right) and Brooke Williams (bottom right)