April 24, 2020

Postcard to my younger self: Judy Sonneveld

To celebrate the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife, we asked a selection of staff who exemplify the key qualities of a nurse/midwife to write a ‘postcard to their younger self’ and offer insight and advice.

Judy Sonneveld, Nurse Unit Manager of Ward 6 at Northern Hospital had this to say to her younger self:

Hey Jude…

What a journey you are about to experience. You will be faced with many challenges, but always remember be true to yourself and steadfast.  

You will find the only constant in your career will be change – this is not a bad thing. You will need to move forward and take with you what was good and learn to adapt. Not a bad philosophy personally and professionally. 

People will underestimate your true potential and you will believe them. DON’T! You need to seize every opportunity with both hands and hang on for the ride.

Inspire others on your journey and don’t worry if things don’t go as planned – they often never do.

Just remember to keep your eyes on the prize and support those around you as they will be your greatest accomplishments.