May 20, 2020

Hardworking teams are not in short supply: Farewell Rishad

Procurement and Supply is responsible for third-party spending in the organisation, which totals approximately $180 million annually. A significant part of their function includes the management of consumables for wards, theatres, emergency, ICU and specialist clinics.

Rishad Syed has been Director of Procurement and Supply for three years. “Supply is all about continuity of service and COVID-19 has challenged our ability to keep the supply chain working, but I am glad to say we have managed. The biggest test has been ensuring adequate personal protection equipment. Initially we relied on our wide network of vendors to meet our demand including some new suppliers. Now, we rely more on the state centralised warehouse at Scoresby that has taken up the challenge of ensuring adequate supply for the state.”

There is a team of 12 working in Procurement and Supply, with five people in procurement and seven in supply. The whole team has been focused on supply over the last two months.

“We found local suppliers for face shields, eye shields and lens, sanitiser and scrubs. There are local companies that can support us, and that is something we have learned through this.”

To make sure the team is well rested in the challenging times where weekend work was frequent, Rishad made sure everybody used up their ADOs and got the rest that they needed.

As he prepares for his new role and industry, Rishad says Northern Health has been home for him for the last three years and he has thoroughly enjoyed working here.

“We have fantastic executives and I am very thankful for Siva and Basil for the opportunities they have given me. When I started, there was no Supply Department. Now we have 12 people and we comply with all Health Purchasing Victoria (HPV) regulatory requirements. I am most proud that I have been able to set up a department here at Northern,” he said.

“I will miss my team enormously as we have become close friends, especially now through this COVID-19 period. I will miss working with people at Northern Health, and the health sector as a whole. My biggest miss will be Basil Ireland. I loved working for Basil and he has been the best boss ever,” he added.

“I am thankful for my team, who have always supported me really well.”

Rishad and his team
Rishad and his team