May 26, 2020

Kiddy Car arrives to theatre

Children coming for surgery at Northern Hospital Epping can now drive into the operating theatre, thanks to the new Range Rover kiddy car, kindly donated in collaboration between Northern Health Foundation and Whittlesea Salvation Army.

The idea for the kiddy car came from Dr Jenny Coulson, Anaesthetist at Northern Hospital.

“As a group, we wanted to avoid kids getting stressed when they come into theatre and we thought the use of the car would make the kids happier when coming here,” she explained.

Dr Coulson explained the car is a good idea as it provides transport around theatre area. By using the car, the children don’t get put in the trolley, with the idea already proven successful in Asia.

“I reached out and spoke to Josie Verga, Northern Health Foundation Fundraising Manager and she was excited about the story and knew exactly the community group who would consider this opportunity.  One call to the Whittlesea Salvation Army, and the deal was done. Hopefully we will have a fleet one day,” she said.

The car also has a personalised number plate, with the Whittlesea Salvation Army name. The feedback from the children and families has been great, with our young patients happily engaged with a new way of arriving into theatre.

Our patient Kalel in the car
Our patient Kalel in the car

Featured image: Kalel and Dr Jenny Coulson